Terms & Conditions

We request customer to have read and agreed to following terms & conditions relating to purchase of vehicle from us.

Vehicle may be shipped on FOB, CNF or CIF basis.

FOB (Freight on Board)

  • Only price of the vehicle and in-land transportation costs (within Singapore).
  • Ocean freight (cost quoted by shipping companies to Nandish Motors) for the shipment of the vehicle is payable by the customer to the shipping agent at the destination port. Please note that not all shipping agents at the destination ports allow for FOB arrangements. Nandish Motors will inform the customer as to whether FOB arrangements are acceptable.

C&F (Cost and Freight)

  • Price of the vehicle and in-land transportation costs (within Singapore); and
  • Ocean freight.

CIF (Cost/Insurance/Freight) includes:

  • Price of the vehicle and in-land transportation costs (within Singapore);
  • Insurance (Optional, based on customer’s preference); and
  • Ocean freight.

Insurance may be purchased at the customer’s option. Upon request, Nandish Motors will make necessary arrangements with the relevant shipping agents for the shipment to be insured. Nandish Motors is not responsible for advising on insurance matters.

Nandish Motors sells vehicles in ‘as is’ condition. ‘As is‘ condition means that vehicles are sold in the exact state which they are in. Because of the nature of cars, it is difficult (almost impossible) to be aware of everything right and wrong with the car. Although Nandish Motors does its best in selecting quality cars, customers must always understand that there is risk associated with purchasing a used vehicle. Nandish Motors tries hard to reduce as much of this risk as possible by translating as much information about the vehicle as possible.

We CLEAN the cars before we send them. All our cars are Used Cars and therefore scratches and small dents are to be expected on all vehicles. Lower grade vehicles often need body work and partial repaints. Many vehicles need a good engine tune up. Higher mileage vehicles may need certain parts replaced.

Nandish Motors will translate ALL INFORMATION we have concerning the car FULLY and HONESTLY to the extent of our knowledge. Only if we have communicated something incorrectly can you claim.

Nandish Motors does not accept order cancellations for any reason. If an order is cancelled, any payment (or deposit) received will not be refunded by Nandish Motors.

Nandish Motors accepts payments by telegraphic transfer only. All bank fees will be payable by customer. Only after full payment is received the vehicle will be shipped and documents will be couriered to the customer.

As required by many customs authorities, Nandish Motors will provide all the necessary documents for the vehicle import. These documents will be released to you after Nandish Motors receives full payment. The following documents will be sent once the ship has left port:

  • Original Invoice
  • Bill of Lading: This document is published by the shipping companies in Singapore. Any changes to this document after ship has left the port will incur a charge of S$100 per bill.
  • Marine Insurance Certificate (If requested by customer)
  • Original Singapore Registration & Deregistration Certificate
  • Technical Letter (For New Zealand Customers Only)

Depending on your destination port, Nandish Motors will provide additional needed documentation. It is your responsibility to pay necessary charges for these additional documents. Nandish Motors will also honor requests for any other documents that may be necessary.

All customs, compliance, tax, duty, registration applicable to the vehicle at the destination are the responsibility of the customer. Nandish Motors is not and shall not be liable for compliance with any regulations governing the import of the vehicle at the destination.

Nandish Motors will not be liable for any extra port fees or charges due to delay in payment.

Please note that shipping schedules, changes, cancellations, cost changes are totally out of the control of Nandish Motors. Once a vehicle is ready to be shipped we will put it on the first possible ship. As such, small passenger vehicles are the easiest to ship and usually get space on ships reasonably quickly. As the vehicle gets larger the available space gets more and more restricted.

Depending on the destination, some larger vehicles can have significant delays in shipping because of the limited space for large vehicles. Please be aware of this BEFORE you book the vehicles.